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Audryn Damron

Utah State Board of Education District 8


Classroom Experience on the State School Board

Special Education Math Teacher
National Board Certified Teacher
11+ Years Classroom Experience
Utah Teacher Fellow


As an educator, Audryn knows how important it is to have School Board members who have firsthand knowledge of our public schools. Audryn is a Special Education Math teacher in the Granite School District. With over 11 years of classroom experience, she will bring a teacher's perspective to the Utah State Board of Education - always centering student's needs. 

Safe, High-Quality Education

Our teachers and students deserve a public education system that allows them access to the highest quality education in a safe environment where students' diverse needs are met.

Teacher Recruitment & Retention

College and Career Readiness

One teacher can change the trajectory of a student's life. Recruiting quality teachers - and keeping them in our schools - is critical to ensuring student success.

Whether for college or career, we must set our students up for success. They deserve personalized learning that works for them. Let's advocate for Career and Technical Education and accessible college preparation.


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